[cgl_discussion] PoC 9/3/03 Meeting Minutes

Steven Dake sdake at mvista.com
Wed Sep 3 11:39:50 PDT 2003

PoC Meeting Minutes 09/03/03

AR Steve to initiate discussion about 2.7 kernel feature priorities
being in document repository.
AR Julie to initiate discussion about top 10 being in document
AR Julie to add IPsec, PFKEY.

Julie @ Intel
Steve @ MontaVista
Rusty @ Intel
Johannes @ Nokia
John @ OSDL

AR Review
AR Julie to change poc tracking for work requird and maturity columns
AR Steve to change spreadsheet to start maximum work requird at 1
instead of 0
AR Steve to send message to discussion when item is to be deleted from
2.7 list.
    next week
AR Steve to contact Peter to determine if application restart has been
    next week
AR Rusty to ask Inaky about robust mutexes work required in calendar
months and maturity.
    next week
AR Rusty to provide steve with IpV6 SNMP get calendar months.
    next week
AR Rusty to provide steve info on priority inheritance
    next week
AR Steve to talk to Ville about page flushing priority level and flag to
be deleted.
    Johannes talked to Ville, we can delete from 2.7 list.

* 2.7 feature list
    * Ratify decision to value maturity levels at
    0 - discussion
    1 - started
    2 - experimental
    3 - one distro mainlined doesn't meet requirements
    4 - stable kernel mainline, doesn't meet requirements
    5 - two distros mainlined, meet requirements.
Maturity levels ratified.   Discussion about changes to tracking list.
Maturity levels only track what is "shipping today".

    * Discuss adding LKML acceptability as column in spreadsheet.

Adding more detail to 2.7 kernel feature priorities like status of
and other stuff.

Use document repository on OSDL for 2.7 kernel feature list, top 10
and PoC tracking.

Rusty interested in OOM improvements that could be made and posix
message queue enhancements.  OOM improvements include white/black list,
or OOM priority per process.  posix message queue work required could be
additions to LTP.

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