[cgl_discussion] SELinux in CGL3.0?

Makan Pourzandi Makan.Pourzandi at ericsson.ca
Thu Sep 4 08:58:46 PDT 2003

Zhuang, Louis wrote:

> SE Linux (Security Enhancement Linux) has been adopted by Linus in 
> 2.6.0-test2, it is a capability-based security mechanism and can 
> resolve many problems which ACL cannot. I just wonder if CGL will also 
> adopt it as 3.0 spec... Any thoughts?   

Hi Louis,

SE Linux has been referenced several times in security requirements for 
CGL, c.f. ACC 5.1 and ACC 5.2 with priority 3.

I hope this answers your question.

Best Regards,
Makan Pourzandi

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