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Peter Badovinatz tabmowzo at us.ibm.com
Wed Sep 10 09:42:04 PDT 2003

John J Grana wrote:
> Steven,
>       Are these requirements just for ATCA? Can we also then take a shot at
> CompactPCI. I realize there are lots of holes in various implementations on
> CompactPCI, but I still feel strongly we need to be able to support cPCI
> (2.16 and CompacTCA) versions. Even if it means cPCI vendors will need to:
> 1) Support IPMI
> 2) Support some set of IPMI commands and data structures (possibly the set
> we are defining for ATCA)
> If we think we can do this, we can expand the scope of Hot Swap to "ATCA
> and cPCI".
> Ok?

Sorry, no for now.  We'll do this for v3.0.  We agreed to consider aTCA 
from the face to face and posted that, and have proceeded.  We'll do 
cPCI next time around.

> Cheers
> jjg
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> Folks
> Here is take 2 of the requirements for ATCA.
> Requirement: ATCA IPMI Support
> The IPMI system shall implement the new IPMI commands, data structures,
> and sensors defined in the ATCA specification.
> Requirement: Block Device Removal
> The Linux kernel should allow removal of a block device while it is in
> use without degrading reliability of the system.  The block device shall
> be removeable even if in use by an open file (fdisk /dev/sda), a raid
> volume, or a filesystem or multiples thereof.
> Requirement: shutdown systemcall integrated with ATCA system management
> The Linux kernel shall ensure that the  shutdown system call uses the
> ATCA system management IPMI interface to power down the system and light
> the blue led.
> Requirement: Multiple Host Syncronized Device Hotswap
> When multiple hosts are using the same block or character device, and a
> user requests to remove the device, the device's blade wont be powered
> off and if a blue led is available, lit, until all systems in the
> collection of machines using the device have removed the device from
> their respective Linux kernel data structures.

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