[cgl_discussion] ATCA Requirements Take 3

Eric.Chacron at alcatel.fr Eric.Chacron at alcatel.fr
Fri Sep 12 01:13:52 PDT 2003

Steven, Peter,

ATCA support is an important item so i would like to commit on this
requirement set.
Maybe some of my previous comments has been lost, i have to repeat:

1) ATCA IPMI support
This is not a requirement for Linux  but on the hardware implementations
and IPMI protocol. Why  not removing it from this spec. ?

2) block device removal
This is not correctly defined why you ask for such a requirement and i dont
any link with the reliability.
>From my "Carrier" point of view,  removal of block device while the
application is operating is acceptable provided you first
stop every acces on it.
There is no miracle, if you have open files on this device what will be the
result if you remove the device for
the applicatiion using it ? Do you expect the file will be accessible from
a mirrored disk ?

3) shutdowm / blue LED
Could you just add (for regular readers ) that the blue LED is the HOT SWAP
one ?
Do we have to specify the same requirement for IPMI ?
Is there already a handler in Linux 2.4 / 2.6 that perform any action when
the ejectors are removed or not ?

4) Requirement: Multiple Host Syncronized Device Hotswap
It seems for me that this is a clustering requirement related to shared
And also an extension of requirement 2) block device removal.


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Requirement: ATCA IPMI Support

The IPMI system shall implement the new IPMI commands, data structures,
and sensors defined in the ATCA specification.

Requirement: Block Device Removal

The Linux kernel should allow removal of a block device while it is in
use without degrading reliability of the system.  The block device shall
be removeable even if in use by an open file (fdisk /dev/sda), is a
member of raid 1 volume, or a filesystem is mounted on the device, or
permutations thereof.

Requirement: shutdown systemcall integrated with ATCA system management

The Linux kernel shall ensure that the shutdown system call uses the
ATCA system management IPMI interface to power down the cpu blade and
light the blue led.

Requirement: Multiple Host Syncronized Device Hotswap

When multiple hosts are using the same block or character device, and a
user requests to remove the device, the device's blade wont be powered
off and if a blue led is available, lit, until all operating systems in
the collection of cpu nodes using the device have removed all references
to the device in the operating system.

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