[cgl_discussion] Device naming

Peter Badovinatz tabmowzo at us.ibm.com
Tue Apr 6 08:43:38 PDT 2004

Forwarding from Gerrit Huizenga:

Anyone who is interested in seeing consistency or advocating for 
consistency in the way device names are done across distributions may 
want to consider joining the following (new) mailing list:


With the advent of udev, many distributions will be considering policy 
change to device naming for desktops, servers, and everything in  between.

If you work on application packaging which is sensitive to the location
of device name locations in various distros and would like to express
your opinion, this is probably the right open source list to join.  One
goal is to establish a level of commonality between as many 
distributions as possible and, once that is in place, document that 
standardization in the Linux Standard Base (LSB).


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