[cgl_discussion] [announce] CGL v3.0 Clusters early draft available

John Cherry cherry at osdl.org
Fri Apr 30 15:40:05 PDT 2004

I wanted to let this mailing list know about the availability of an
early public draft of the Carrier Grade Linux v3.0 Clusters 
specification, available at


We acknowledge that the clustering requirements in this draft are being
implemented in a variety of ways and many of the requirements in this
document exist in current clustering implementations.  We understand
from our usage model study that there can be NO one clustering model
that fits and meets the needs of all carrier applications.  
The clustering requirements in this document are aimed at supporting
clustered applications in a carrier-grade environment as an effective 
way to achieve highly available services inside a network element.
We specifically have not addressed the use of clustering to maximize
performance, such as in the Beowulf and Mosix types of solutions.

Again, this is an early draft document of the v3.0 clustering
requirements spec.  Past OSDL Carrier Grade Linux technical documents 
have contained all requirements in a single document.  For OSDL CGL 
v3.0 draft releases, we are releasing them as more granular sections, 
roughly split on functional boundaries.  These boundaries are 
Standards, Availability, Clustering (this document), Hardware, 
Performance, Security, and Serviceability.

More information on Carrier Grade Linux and the Carrier Grade Linux
Working Group can be found at

Feel free to direct any comments on the spec to me directly at
cherry at osdl.org or to this mailing list at cgl_discussion at osdl.org.

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