[cgl_discussion] Cluster summit materials

John Cherry cherry at osdl.org
Tue Aug 10 13:49:26 PDT 2004

This is a work in progress since Daniel Phillips is continuing to add
things to this presentation page...


The summit was well attended.  Besides RedHat/Sistina, other open source
cluster projects were represented (linux-ha, OpenSSI) as well as
proprietary clusters projects and cluster filesystems (i.e. Lustre,

The meetings were primarly intended to inform the community about the
recently opened RHAT/Sistina clustering components (including clustered
LVM and GFS).

The time was right to consider common clusters components.  While we
expected a fair amount of contention at the meetings, it was good to see
a fairly unanimous desire to identify common components that could be
leveraged over the various cluster implementations and to drive these
common components to mainline acceptance.  The common cluster components
identified at the summit were...

   cman - cluster manager (membership/quorum/heartbeat, recovery
   fence - userland daemon which decides which nodes need fencing
   dlm - fully distributed, fully symmetrical lock manager
   gfs - clustered filesystem

While these common components all have RHAT/Sistina roots, these
components are in the best position for mainline acceptance.  As APIs
are defined for these services, other implementations could also be used
(the vfs model).

It was felt that it would be best to leverage an existing mailing list
for discussions regarding the common cluster components, so
linux-cluster will be used for this.  To subscribe...


The project page has links to the various components and can be found


The cluster community would like developers to start looking at the code
and testing it in their environments.  Documentation, source code,
mailing lists, IRC, and key links can all be found on the project page.

John Cherry
CGL Roadmap Coordinator

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