[Linux-cluster] Re: [cgl_discussion] Re: [dcl_discussion] Clustersummit materials

Walker, Bruce J bruce.walker at hp.com
Wed Aug 11 11:19:27 PDT 2004

> * John Cherry (cherry at osdl.org) wrote:
> At the summit I attended, we also talked about using GFS as the
> "consumer" of the cluster infrastructure.  The cluster infrastructure
> doesn't stand a chance of mainline acceptance without a consumer that
> both validates the interfaces and hardens the services.

Given cman etc. was written for GFS, it doesn't prove much that it works
with GFS.  Having an independent cluster effort (like OpenSSI) use the
underlying infrastructure presents a much more compelling case.  The
OpenSSI project has started to look into this but help from OSDL, Intel
and/or RedHat wouldn't be discouraged.  Also, having SAF layered and/or
ha-linux layered would also bolster the case as a general

Bruce walker
OpenSSI project lead

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