[Linux-cluster] Re: [cgl_discussion] Re: [dcl_discussion] Clustersummit materials

Steven Dake sdake at mvista.com
Thu Aug 12 10:42:16 PDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-08-12 at 02:57, Lars Marowsky-Bree wrote:
> On 2004-08-11T11:46:03,
>    Steven Dake <sdake at mvista.com> said:
> > If we can't live with the cluster services in userland (although I'm
> > still not convinced), then atleast the group messaging protocol in the
> > kernel could be based upon 20 years of research in group messaging and
> > work properly under _all_ fault scenarios.
> Right. Another important alternative maybe the Transis group
> communication suite, which has been released as GPL/LGPL now.
> This all just highlights that we need to think about communication some
> more before we can tackle it sensibly, but of course I'll be glad if
> someone proves me wrong and Just Does It ;-)

agreed...  Transis in kernel would be a fine alternative to openais gmi
in kernel.

Speaking of transis, is the code posted anywhere?  I'd like to have a

> Sincerely,
>     Lars Marowsky-Brée <lmb at suse.de>

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