[cgl_discussion] OSDL special interest groups

Randy.Dunlap rddunlap at osdl.org
Fri Dec 3 14:27:39 PST 2004

John Cherry wrote:
> It has come to my attention that CGL developers may not be aware of the
> special interest groups that are addressing initiative capabilities.
> security_sig at osdl.org
> http://lists.osdl.org/mailman/listinfo/security_sig
> Security issues.  Currently working to define the threats and
> assumptions for each initiative area:  Data Center Linux, Desktop
> Initiative, Carrier Grade Linux.
> binary_sig at osdl.org
> http://lists.osdl.org/mailman/listinfo/binary_sig
> Working to eliminate Binary breakage of Linux based apps.
> hotplug_sig at osdl.org
> http://lists.osdl.org/mailman/listinfo/hotplug_sig
> Working to improve the stability and robustness of Hotplug CPU, Hotplug
> Memory, Hotplug I/O (bus and devices), Hotplug Node implementations as
> well as the infrastructure to manage those features.

storage_sig at lists.osdl.org (Storage Networking)


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