[cgl_discussion] Small rewording suggestion for section ACC.5

Fleischer, Julie N julie.n.fleischer at intel.com
Tue Feb 17 08:24:54 PST 2004

>>The wording of this sentence means to me that this requirement will 
>>make it harder for the super-user to secure Linux. Isn't that 
>just the 
>>opposite of the intention of ACC.5? (I am assuming here that "system 
>>administrator" and "super-user" are the same role in this context.)
>No, they are different.  MAC includes the ability to restrict 
>the super-user (the account with uid=0).  The sentence is 
>correct as it stands.

One thought I had is to change it to "When used correctly, this will
restrict the privileges of the super-user, which will create a more
secure Linux system."  Makes it clear that restricting super-user
privileges is expected to make things more secure.

- Julie

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