[cgl_discussion] OpenHPI 1.0 Released!

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Thu Jul 1 13:34:59 PDT 2004

After a long year of development the OpenHPI Team is proud to announce the
release of OpenHPI 1.0.0, an open source implementation of the Service
Availability Forum's Hardware Platform Interface. HPI is an abstract C
library interface for hardware monitoring, control, and management. This 
release provides support for the SA Forum HPI A.01.01 specification. 
OpenHPI 1.0.0 is available in source format from [1]the SourceForge file 
repository. Binary RPMs for numerous platforms will be made available in 
the coming weeks.

OpenHPI 1.0.0 supports the following hardware:

  * IPMI based servers and blades (via OpenIPMI or IPMIDirect plugins)
  * IBM Blade Center (via SNMP Blade Center plugin)
  * IBM xSeries servers (via SNMP RSA plugin)
  * Linux 2.4 & 2.6 watchdog devices (via watchdog plugin)
  * Linux 2.6 systems (via sysfs plugin)
  * A Dummy Plugin designed for testing and writing HPI applications

The release contains a number of sample command line utilities as example
usage of the hpi interface. These include:

  * hpisensor - displays live readings of all sensors discovered
  * hpiinv - displays inventory data for all resources which support it
  * hpisel - fetches and displays event logs for all resources in the system
  * hpipower/hpireset - power cycle or reset resources in the hpi instance

Along with the release there is a companion SNMP subagent (provided
separately) which provides an SNMP interface to the OpenHPI library. This
allows users of SNMP client software to gain access to HPI information
quickly and easily.

There is also an experimental HPI Daemon included with the release. The HPI
Daemon is a user of the OpenHPI library that provides HPI as a system
service. Client applications can link to libopenhpiclient which will 
transparently connect them to the HPI Daemon.

A complete change list of everything since 0.9 follows:

Changes for 1.0.0
New Features:
Build System
  953747 - rpm installation defaultly includes ipmi-plugin configuratio
IPMI Direct plugin
  938011 - refactoring of reading inventory data
OpenIPMI Plugin
  942029 - add test tool set to ipmi plugin
  952885 - IPMI Plug-in performance enhancement
  953322 - investigate on threshold event failure in some sensor
  953324 - investigate on threshold event failure on Lan interface
RSA Plugin
  934306 - Create Unit Tests for RSA Plugin
SNMP Client plugin
  931903 - Enable abi sensor functions
Test Suites
  938099 - HPITEST - Conformance Tests for Errors

Fixed Bugs:
Blade Center Plugin
  942692 - BC Power Reset and Set generates Errors
  951569 - hpitest Setting Event Log State Fails
  954279 - entity_inventory_data conformance test fail
  961800 - return SA_ERR_HPI_BUSY if snmp times out
  965268 - interpret dates better
  965297 - fix false detection of daughter cards
  966718 - Conformance tests - Add events fail
  977729 - BladeCenter doesn't support Blade Identity LED
Build System
  924029 - Makefile in examples ignores the --sysconfdir
  968511 - --enable-debug not being used anymore
  927550 - scrub manual for typos
HPI Clients
  976775 - hpiinv is no reporting inventory data correctly.
HPI Utils
  925518 - Move Sensor utils to utils/ lib
  969633 - No absolute timestamp supported in sel utils
IPMI Direct plugin
  919410 - sensor SetEventEnables is buggy
  953173 - compilation error in ipmi_sensor.cpp
  962488 - IPMIDirect Aborts with list_resources
  943669 - make check fails at marshal_***, 0..7beta snapshot
OpenHPI base library
  919458 - auto inservtion/extraction only works when timeout is 0
  944799 - Dynamically turn on/off debugging
  965773 - blocking timeout doesn't seem to work
  969212 - rpm dependency errors
  969705 - Set default DEL severity to minor
  974839 - clean rules broken all over the place
  976994 - change OHDEBUG -> OPENHPI_DEBUG
OpenIPMI plugin
  947896 - AdvancedTCA entity string "invalid"
  954105 - some valid sensor readings return error
  957580 - set_resource_tag abi is not implemented
  959749 - hpithres returns -1006 from ThresholdsGet
  959753 - No Inventory RDRs are populated
  965422 - use ipmi_fru_get_xx instead of ipmi_entity_get_xxx
  968522 - empty Resource Tag
  969022 - warning message in fetching  fru
  969042 - control state is not correctly set
  969076 - PosThdHysteresis and NegThdHysteresis is not correctly set
  969093 - sensor discrete event is not populated to HPI
  981666 - OpenIPMI 1.3.9 suggested
Test Suites
  914909 - test hs_001
  950172 - HPI Conformance Test: error valid
  965411 - Conformance driver does not handle segfault, remove tests
  965936 - Two conformance sensor_threshold tests return NA?
  979327 - Conformance Test does not restore Time


Questions, Comments, or Bugs should be sent to the OpenHPI development
mailing list (openhpi-devel at sourceforge dot net).

With OpenHPI 1.0.0 released, the OpenHPI team is now fully focusing on the
new HPI B.1.1 specification. Expect to see new development releases in the 
near future.

OpenHPI 1.0.0 was produced by the efforts of a large number of individuals,
without whom we could have never accomplished such a quality implementation
is such a short window of time. The following people directly contributed 
to the success of this project (if someone was left off the list, we are 
very sorry, and please speak up on openhpi-devel).

  * David Ashley
  * Jean-Michel Audet
  * Andrea Brugger
  * Chris Chia
  * Andy Cress
  * Sean Dague
  * Julie Fleischer
  * Kevin Gao
  * David Judkovics
  * Thomas Kanngieser
  * James P. Ketrenos
  * Rusty Lynch
  * Carl McAdams
  * Renier Morales
  * Guo Ruijing
  * Konrad Rzeszutek
  * Peter D Phan
  * Pierre Sangouard
  * Steve Sherman
  * Tariq Shureih
  * Armin Stauber
  * Bill Swortwood
  * Louis Yan Zhuang
  * Serge Zhukov

Thanks again to everyone that made this a success. Watch for OpenHPI 2.0
(electric bugallow) coming to a theater near you soon. :)

[1] https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=71730



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