[cgl_discussion] Interesting paper on TCP connection passing

Steven Dake sdake at mvista.com
Thu Jul 15 12:26:13 PDT 2004

See the paper TCP Connection Passing by Werner Almesberger from 2004
proceedings of OLS

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> The proceedings in PDF format are now available at:
> Volume 1. http://www.finux.org/proceedings/LinuxSymposium2004_V1.pdf
> Volume 2. http://www.finux.org/proceedings/LinuxSymposium2004_V2.pdf
> Individual papers are also available at http://www.finux.org/Reprints/
> Feel free to re-distribute.
> Some of us will be going to the rock climbing gym during the event.  Both 
> experienced (bring your shoes and harness) and new climbers are welcome.  The 
> current times will be;  Tuesday 16h00-18h00 and Thursday 16h00-18h00.  If 
> you're interested please email ajh at linuxsymposium.org and if you're local 
> and/or have a vehicle with you please note how many people you can take.  
> Fees are $10 per visit, add $5 if you need to rent shoes and harness.
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