[cgl_discussion] Three questions about the draft 3.0 CGE Reqs.

Marco Caverzaghi Marco.Caverzaghi at italtel.it
Mon Jun 21 04:57:15 PDT 2004

I have read the new available draft requirements (Version 3.0) about the
Carrier Grade Linux that is to say the reqs about these subjects:
standards, availability, clustering, performance and serviceability.

In the version 1.1 of the Carrier Grade Reqs there were these three
a) device driver hardening (3.1.1 and 3.1.2),
b) watchdog timer pre-timeout interrupt (3.2.2) and
c) resource monitor (4.1.1, 4.1.2, 4.1.3, 4.1.4 and 4.1.5).

Why there isn't any reference about these subjects in the version 3.0?

Thanks in advance,
Marco Caverzaghi

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