[cgl_discussion] [ANNOUNCE] OpenAIS Project to implement SA Forum's AIS Specifications

Steven Dake sdake at mvista.com
Mon Jun 21 10:52:52 PDT 2004

Project Announcement: OpenAIS (http://developer.osdl.org/dev/openais)

It is with great pleasure that I announce the openais project.  The
openais project implements a production quality BSD licensed
implementation of the SA Forum's (www.saforum.org) Application Interface
Specificaton for high availability compute clusters.  The target
operating system is Linux.

The openais project is the first published AIS implementation to provide
strong membership guarantees in the AIS cluster membership API.  Another
first is the first published implementation anywhere of the AIS
availability management framework API.  Finally the implementation
includes the first published AIS checkpointing API to achieve ~70%
network-wire-speed with one node checkpoint writing eight replicas.

The openais project is the first published AIS implementation to use
cutting edge research in the virtual synchrony group messaging model. 
Virtual synchrony provides several benefits such as using standard
UDP/IP, utilization of available hardware multicast, and avoiding
two-phase commit protocols.  The major advantage of this model is
performance: the checkpoint service can checkpoint 8.8 mb/sec of data on
a 100 mbit network to two replicas and 6.3 mb/sec of data to twelve
replicas.  Another significant advantage of this technology is 100%
correct operation during faults, partitions, and merges.

Please join us in evaluating and contributing to the openais project. 
With your help, we can join together to develop a world-class
implementation of SA Forum's Application Interface Specification.

The quickstart documentation can be found:


The main project page can be found:


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