[cgl_discussion] A question about Device Driver Hardening Specs

Marco Caverzaghi Marco.Caverzaghi at italtel.it
Fri May 7 02:24:47 PDT 2004

In the "OSDL Carrier Grade Linux Architecture Specification Version 1.1"
document, at the page 9, about the "Device Driver Hardening" subject,
there is a broken html link (Device Driver Hardening Specification at
http://developer.osdl.org/achitecture/specs/ddhs.php). Where is the
documentation about this subject ? The 3.1.1 Device Driver Hardening
Specification requirement had be removed in the 2.0 Release of CGL. But,
because this requirement may serve as a basis for future requirements, i
would like to have a look at this document or something else (also a
draft version).

Thanks in advance,

Marco Caverzaghi
Italtel SpA

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