[cgl_discussion] SAF-TEST updates

Shureih, Tariq tariq.shureih at intel.com
Sun Nov 7 09:41:27 PST 2004

Back at the Tokyo F2F, I announced the creation of SAF-TEST.org
(www.saf-test.org and saftest.sourceforge.net); a new open source
project which will be the center for SAF open source implementations'
conformance testing.

The project will focus initially on conformance testing for the
publically available version of HPI (A & B) and AIS (A).

A common test frame-work design has been published on the mailing list
and the frame work will be available for download soon (with or without
actual tests).  I tentatively proposed November 15th as a Mile stone to
provide a tar archive of the frame work as well as from CVS.

We're also working with Open HPI as well as the various implementations
of AIS APIs in projects such as Linux-HA and Open-DLM to convert (and
where needed) re-license the existing test suite to become part of

In addition, I would like to announce two new contributors to the
-Bob Spencer will assume my role as general maintainer while I am on a

      business trip.  He will continue to work with SAF and the various
      related open source projects to set the mile stones and SAF-TEST
      SAF certification process.
-Crystal Xiong will be the technical maintainer of the implementation
      conversion of the existing and any potential new development of
      cases for both HPI and AIS.

The mailing list has been available for signing up and I'd like to see
more people sign up, review the design document and mile stones and
provide input to further assist in the success of the project.

Also an important note about the creation of two additional mailing
lists under the SAF-TEST project.

The SAF-HPI Developer's forum and the SAF-AIS developer's forum.
These lists were created based on a need for a communication medium
between open source implementations/development of SAF specifications
and SAF.  SAF and maintainers/key people of open source SAF projects
agreed to use SAF-TEST as the umbrella for such forums.

You can sign up to all these mailing lists at:

For questions or comments please feel free to contact me or email
bob.spencer at intel.com.

 Tariq Shureih
 Intel Corporation
 Hillsboro, Oregon.
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 It is the illusion of knowledge -- Steven Hawking
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