[cgl_discussion] cgl 3.0 spec performance section - some objective figures needed

Eric.Chacron at alcatel.fr Eric.Chacron at alcatel.fr
Tue Nov 9 10:17:11 PST 2004

For PRF 30.12 reducing virtual memory access latency we said today we need 
to put a clear objective in term of latency. 
What should be the maximum acceptable latency  ? 

For pRF 33.1 Low soft. overhead for message latency (addressed by VIA, 
GAmma ...) , what should be the objective in term of latency and bandwidth 

For PRF 33.4 ARP cache immediate flush on client side is there any 
implementation of this simple feature ? 

For PRF 35 NFS performances we need to put a measurable objective for fast 
implementation of 
NFS on LAN ( or to remove the requirement else). 

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