[cgl_discussion] CGL: where can I download for free?

John Cherry cherry at osdl.org
Fri Oct 1 12:52:49 PDT 2004

On Fri, 2004-10-01 at 12:22, Randy Macleod wrote:
> John Cherry wrote:
> > Siva,
> > 
> > Carrier Grade Linux is not a downloadable OS.  CGL is a specification
> > which commercial or non-commercial distributions can register against. 
> > As such, you will need to look for a distribution that is CGL
> > registered.
> On:
> <http://www.osdl.org/lab_activities/carrier_grade_linux/folder.2004-07-20.3727475984/>
> It says:
> "The registration disclosure is a self-registration process."
> So OSDL/CGL will not keep a list of CGL certifed distros?

As distros register, there will be pointer on the registration page to
those results.  The registration page will include points to all distros
that have registered.

> I assume that there are no CGL implementations yet -
> is that right?

There are no CGL 2.0.1 registrations posted yet, although a number of
them are quite far along in the registration process.


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