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Wed Sep 1 14:17:22 PDT 2004

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> Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Linux Cluster Infrastructure BOF at Linux Kongress
> Date: Wed, 01 Sep 2004 14:37:47 -0400
> There will be a Linux Cluster Infrastructure BOF at Linux Kongress in 
> Erlangen, Germany, thursday 2004-09-09 or friday 2004-09-10.  The exact 
> day, time and room number to be posted here:
>     http://www.linux-kongress.org/2004/program.html
> This will be round three of the Linux cluster infrastructure community 
> effort.  Rounds one and two were at OLS and Minneapolis, respectively.  
> A summary of the latter is available here:
>     http://sources.redhat.com/cluster/events/summit2004/presentations.html
> The story so far: We all agree that the time has come to establish a 
> kernel infrastructure for cluster filesystems, which will also be 
> useable by user space applications.  Or at least, most of us agree 
> about that.  At Minneapolis we parted on the understanding that we 
> would all read code and find out why (or why not) the GFS kernel 
> support infrastructure can serve the needs of cluster systems beyond 
> GFS, including other cluster filesystems, user space cluster 
> applications, and the Single System Image project.
>     http://sources.redhat.com/cluster/
> Last time, Red Hat engineers outnumbered Suse engineers by roughly ten 
> to one.  The Linux Kongress BOF therefore presents an opportunity to 
> redress that imbalance.
> Regards,
> Daniel
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