[cgl_discussion] LSB 2.0 for CGL 2.0?

John Cherry cherry at osdl.org
Wed Sep 8 08:54:52 PDT 2004

LSB 2.0 is already specified in the v3.0 standards/API draft.

In the v2.0.1 spec, we should consider the change to LSB 2.0.  At the
time that the v2.0.1 spec was written, LSB 2.0 was not released yet.  It
is still not released, but there appear to be some downloads on the site
(http://www.linuxbase.org/build/lsb20.html).  Do you think that
switching from LSB 1.3 to LSB 2.0 will have any impact on those distros
currently attempting to register?


On Wed, 2004-09-08 at 06:00, La Monte H.P. Yarroll wrote:
> The LSB folks have been encouraging us to consider LSB 2.0 Certification
> instead of LSB 1.3.  LSB 2.0 is due for final release any day now.  Three
> months after that release it will no longer be possible to get new LSB 1.3
> certifications.
> I recommend permitting LSB 2.0 Certification to meet CGL STD.1.0.
> I suggest this as a topic for the F2F.  I won't be there, but Manas Saksena
> will be representing TimeSys.

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