[cgl_discussion] Announcing SAF TEST project

Shureih, Tariq tariq.shureih at intel.com
Fri Sep 10 11:24:21 PDT 2004

Steve, good to hear from you again :)

I would really like it if you can contribute your tests to the new project.  The more the better.

The license was decided to be GPL, so yes, there is some re-licensing work to be done.  However, as you know, this would be the best approach to build on the success of all the open-source implementation of SAF's specs.

As for which AIS.  All tests are welcome.
For HPI, we're providing the tests we developed under OpenHPI-1.0 (HPI-A.01.01) and the HPI-B.01.01 when available).

The project is on SourceForge and the ML should be available by Monday.
I am also updating the wesite http://www.saf-test.org

The initial goal is to provide a central location for all existing test suites as well as kick-off active development of additional tests.
In addition, I have planned in mind a mechanism to post results for each implementation tested.

Eventually I would like to entertain the idea of an interface to submit implementations to be independently tested via OSDL's labs, but I have not initiated that task yet.

近义词, Tariq Shureih

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This is wonderful news!  The openais project can contribute all of its
current tests, assuming we can work out the licensing details.

Have you decided on a license of the project?

If the license is Revised BSD, the openais project can contribute it's
tests and benchmarks immediately.  If not, I'll have to speak to the
lawyers and contributors about relicensing the openais tests under the
appropriate license for the saf test project.

Are you planning AIS A, AIS B, or a combination thereof?

When a mailing list is available, please post it so tests can be
published there.

Would you also consider benchmark tools?


On Tue, 2004-09-07 at 14:58, Shureih, Tariq wrote:
> All:
> I would like to announce the creation of a CGL related project called SAF-TEST.
> The web site is www.saf-test.org.
> The project is dedicated to providing conformance test suites for all SAF published specifications, including HPI and AIS.
> Please consider this email an invitation to provide feedback and input regarding the project as well as an invitation to consider contributing your existing conformance/compliance test suites to the project to achieve the main goal of the project and become a central location for SAF compliance test suites in open source.
> Comments and feedback are welcome.
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