[cgl_discussion] Updated Forced umount

Steven Dake sdake at mvista.com
Wed Apr 13 13:48:56 PDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-04-13 at 12:12, Daniel Phillips wrote:
> On Wednesday 13 April 2005 14:24, Dave Jiang wrote:
> > Here is my update of the fumount patch that John Villalovos sent out
> > on 10/27/04. This is against the kernel.
> > http://lists.osdl.org/pipermail/cgl_discussion/2004-October/001938.ht
> >ml
> >
> > I cleaned up the walking of the prio tree for looking up mmaped
> > files. Also merged in fixes from Mark Huth regarding the namespace
> > races.
> >
> > Comments and bug reports are greatly appreciated.
> Hi, I just want to add my "me too" to this effort in general.  I 
> probably have issues with the code... I know I did last time I looked 
> at it, but I have no issues with the sentiment.  Hopefully I'll get 
> time to help swing the sledgehammer soon.  I'm thinking, we might try a 
> device-mapper specific forced umount that works especially well for 
> anything mounted on device-mapper targets.  Or maybe a 
> device-mapper-only version.

I think what you are looking for is the block device removal code... 
This provides forced removal of block devices.  It would be nice if this
were integrated with devmapper, but that work is not yet completed.

> I'll grab this and read it on the plane, if my laptop power doesn't run 
> out first :)
> Regards,
> Daniel
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