[cgl_discussion] Use case - Fast Linux restart bypassing BIOS

John Cherry cherry at osdl.org
Thu Apr 21 10:43:00 PDT 2005

On Mon, 2005-04-18 at 16:47 -0600, Khalid Aziz wrote:
> Here is my first pass at use case for fast system restart (a whole day
> before deadline. woohoo!)

Aren't deadlines wonderful!?  :)

> BTW, why did we choose to say "bypassing BIOS" instead of "bypassing
> system firmware"? BIOS is fairly PC-centric and even PCs are starting to
> move away from BIOS to EFI. You might notice my use of more generic term
> "system firmware" in this doc rather than BIOS :)

Takashi, changing the "bypassing BIOS" reference in the availability
spec to "bypassing system firmware" would be a reasonable clarification
for the 3.1 spec.

> Comments, thoughts, criticism?

Nice writeup Khalid.  Go ahead and check in the use case in the "Use
Cases" folder at

Khalid, in the scenarios section of the use case, would it be reasonable
to include the use of kexec as the front end to a memory dumper as well?
This would not specifically apply to the fast reboot requirement, but
would demonstrate that the kexec implementation has uses outside of the
linux booting linux scenarios.

There is a whitepaper (a little dated) on kexec that could also be used
as a reference.  See


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