[cgl_discussion] open drivers site status (Nov 28 - Dec 2)

Leann Ogasawara ogasawara at osdl.org
Fri Dec 2 17:06:32 PST 2005

There is still continual updates and modifications being made to the
open drivers site:


We appreciate your thoughts, input, and feedback.  Keep it coming.

Changes made this week:

1) Added links to:
      * kernel documentation directory
      * new kernel HOWTO doc
      * the linux kernel documentation project
      * Linux USB driver database - thanks to Randy Dunlap for the link
      * IEEE 1394 driver db - thanks to Randy Dunlap for the link
      * HDAPS (Hard Disk Active Protection System) site - thanks to John
        Walicki for the link
      * UBEK Fingerprint Reader information (including the spec) -
        thanks to John Walicki for the link

2) Created and populated a new navigation link for "Project Requests"
      * This includes the Driver Matrix as well as a Distributed Driver
        Test Farm along with details about each project/request/proposal
      * Please feel free to make a project proposal/request, we'll see
        what we can do.

3) Finished installing WikiMedia so that we can have wiki pages for
certain areas of the website.  We're finishing the initial wiki page
formatting and content display.

4) We're also continuing work on the Driver Matrix project proposal. 
We're currently investigating the best tools, software, languages,
design, etc. for the task.

Plans for the upcoming weeks:

1) Finish up wiki page formatting and content display.  Link to the wiki
pages from the main page.

2) Continue work with the Driver Matrix project.  We'll begin by posting
a more in-depth detailed project proposal. ie tools, software,
languages, design, etc. that we'd like to use for the project and ask
for comments/feedback before moving on with actual development. 
Depending on the feedback, we'd like to put together a mock up interface
and backend database to verify the look and feel for users.  Then comes
the fun of populating the database.

3) Continue populating the site with material and information.

Again, thanks to everyone for their feedback and involvement.  We'll
continue to cross post to the lists for a little while longer and then
move the discussions and updates strictly to the os_drivers mailing
list.  If you are not on the discussion list and want to keep up to date
on this effort, please subscribe to:



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