[cgl_discussion] open drivers site status (Dec 5 - 9)

Leann Ogasawara ogasawara at osdl.org
Fri Dec 9 16:19:07 PST 2005


Changes made this week:

1)  Added links to:
      * ALSA home page
      * How to write an ALSA driver - thank you to Lee Revell for the
      * ALSA Sound Card Matrix
      * Information for Printer Manufacturers Regarding Linux Support -
        thank you to Waldo Bastian for the pointer
      * Comprehensive Test Plan for Neterion 10GbE Adaptor - big thank
        you to Leonid Grossman of Neterion for supplying us with this

2) We were able to meet with the DCL tech board this week to discuss the
open source drivers site and to get some feedback from them.  They were
extremely helpful in providing us with some input on how to improve the
site.  Some of the items mentioned/discussed were:
      * Break the site out to address issues that a program manager type
        will have vs. issues that a developer may have.  (ex separate
      * Add an area to discuss patent issues
      * Outline the risk vs. benefit tradeoff for program managers
        thinking about open sourcing their drivers.  How should they go
        about open sourcing their drivers (emphasize the GPL and
        communication with their legal dept).  Give them an idea of what
        the timeline will look like from when they do their first code
        drop to LKML to when it is finally picked up by distros.
      * Supply a list of known good drivers for each of the device
        classes for new developers to use as an example/template for
        writing a "good" new driver.
      * Add driver testing information and possibly start a test
      * Organize the mailing list section
      * Create an LKML favorite quotes page to help emphasize and
        reinforce what the community wants and expects.

3) We are still finishing up the wiki formatting and display for the

4)  We're also continuing our work on the Driver Matrix project
proposal.  We'd like to look into using Maypole along with Inkscape to
create the front and back end for the project.

Plans for the upcoming weeks:

1) Begin to implement some of the feedback we received from the DCL tech

2) Finish up the wiki formatting and content display.

3) Post the in depth project proposal for the Driver Matrix before
moving on with development.

4) As usual, continue to populate the site with useful material and
information.  Thank you again to all who have provided pointers to great
sites and documents.

Next Friday is the last time that we'll be cross-posting to all these
lists.  We'll move the discussions and updates strictly to the
os_drivers mailing list after that.  If you'd like to stay up to date on
this effort, please subscribe to:



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