[cgl_discussion] Timezone file upgrade

Noor Ul Mubeen noor.mubeen at wipro.com
Fri Dec 16 01:35:04 PST 2005

Is there a well defined upgrade approach for timezone files on a 
live system? 

Timezone flat files are bundled in glibc.The timezone 
data file are produced out of this (using zic) during compile.
These  need to be updated on the running box.

In real life (when your boxes are spread across the globe), there are 
many occasions when country/location specific files need to 
be updated for changes like Day light saving etc, based on geo-politic

Another example (location independent though) is the upcoming leapsecond
addition (ie upgrade of leapseconds file) at DEC 31 2005. 

Normally /usr/share/zoneinfo is lost after a reboot, i believe there
should be a better way to handle the upgrade. Is there anything on 
these line or is it a 'scratch-your-itch' requirement?

Should this have been a part of serviceabililty req > software pkg mgmt?

comments, inputs?


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