[cgl_discussion] Announce: Alpha Release of Binary Regression Test Lite Kit

craiger at osdl.org craiger at osdl.org
Wed Jul 6 17:11:54 PDT 2005

Announcing the availability of the Binary Regression Test Tool kit:
Alpha Release Version 0.1.5

The Binary Regression Testing Project has the goal of providing a mechanism
to allow ISV's to exchange feedback with the open source development
community relating to issues with binary compatibility. This is done by
providing a way that ISV's can automatically check for changes that would
result in a binary application breaking with the open source software under
rapid development. The goal is that by providing this feedback loop in a
timely manner, the BRT project  will be able to work with the
open source community to identify and fix code changes that introduce binary
incompatibilities within the application software stack.

The project defines 'build sets'; these are minimal Linux open source stacks
required to run the application software. These build sets are updated to
track the various project development efforts in order to ensure timely
feedback of any possible issues.

BRT encapsulates and securely sends results for publication.  Testers
send in only what they are comfortable sharing, with a minimum
of a 'PASS' or 'FAIL',   allowing the use of both Open Source
or proprietary software/tests.

For more information look at:


State of Current Release
This release includes server side and client side scripts that allow
a tester to download a build set onto their test system, execute
binary applications and then share their results with the community.

We have complete, functioning code ready for alpha test.  The
language is perl, with a MySQL database as the back end.  We have
been running tests on ia32 systems internally, and will have this
capability available externally by July 7.

This Release and any updates to it are available for viewing at
the Binary Regression Testing web site:


We would be happy to receive an form of feedback you wish to give
regarding this project or the use of its code.

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