[cgl_discussion] Re: [cgl_specs] Use case - Live patching

Brian F. G. Bidulock bidulock at openss7.org
Wed Mar 30 06:42:19 PST 2005


But, as it stands, the requirement is not limited in the use case
to user applications (and specific ones at that).  I think that not
forbidding expanded scope goes without saying...


On Wed, 30 Mar 2005, Corey Minyard wrote:

> No.  A standard that restricts extra things a distro may do is wrong.  
> This has nothing to do with verifiable certification.
> IMHO, all a distro should be required to do is allow patching of a user 
> application.  With that, it would clearly meet CGL requirements and it 
> is verifiable.  A distro may restrict that to only user applications, it 
> may allow patching of core components, it may only allow it's own 
> patches to be used for core components, etc.  But adding a restriction 
> where the distro may not allow it's libraries or OS to be patched is an 
> extra restriction that adds nothing to certification and limits what a 
> distro can to beyond the standard to compete in the marketplace.
> And you comment about being fuzzy about what is and is not allowed is 
> not correct.  I'm sure SuSE ships a lot of packages that are not 
> mentioned in the CGL standard.  Would you like to have to remove all 
> those packages and only ship what is explicitly mentioned in the 
> standard?  The standard should be clear about what is required, and 
> should not be fuzzy about that.  However, it should allow things beyond 
> the standard.  Allowing this does a couple of things.  It lets the 
> distro vendor add value beyond the standard.  It shows where the 
> standard needs to be extended.  And it allows new technology to be 
> tested in the market.
> I believe a limitation like this would be like adding the limitation: 
> "You can only provide support 12 hours a day."  It's an unnecessary 
> limitation.  The distro should be able to provide any level of support 
> it thinks customers require.
> -Corey

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