[cgl_discussion] [Announce:] Creation of Open Source Device Drivers Information Site

Craig Thomas craiger at osdl.org
Fri Nov 11 14:08:24 PST 2005

In August 2005 at the Linux World Expo in San Francisco, OSDL hosted
an open forum to discuss issues relating to providing drivers for
Linux.  One of the issues that came out of that meeting was a desire
for OSDL to provide a central, public repository for documents and
training materials that are being produced.  In an effort to begin to
satisfy this need, OSDL has developed a web site dedicated to the
dispersal of public information on this topic.

This email is to announce the introduction of the Open Source Device
Drivers project.  The intent of this project is to create a repository
of information pertaining to open source device drivers that complement
other wiki's and web sites.

The site is located here: http://developer.osdl.org/dev/opendrivers

This site will initially focus on drivers for systems used as
desktops, data center servers, carrier grade systems, and mobile
devices.  These drivers include (but are not limited to) the following:

 - storage
 - network
 - printer
 - video
 - sound

The site currently has a documentation index page pointing to
that already exists on the internet.  It is hoped that the site will
to contain sections on:

 - providing test scenarios and sample test plans for drivers
 - providing test matricies of drivers that have been tested under
   various kernel and system configurations
 - providing links to driver test suites
 - providing a good set of training material for new Linux driver
 - improved documentation section for man pages and specifications of
   developed driver utilities

We need the community's support to make this successful.  It is starting
out small, but it can grow into a large repository that can be used by
many developers writing drivers for Linux.  If you have suggestions for
improving this site, send information and comments to
os_drivers at lists.osdl.org

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