[cgl_discussion] Re: [Desktop_architects] [Announce:] Creation of Open Source Device Drivers Information Site

Craig Thomas craiger at osdl.org
Mon Nov 14 12:00:28 PST 2005

On Mon, 2005-11-14 at 19:10 +0100, Till Kamppeter wrote:
> Is this site meant for kernel drivers only? Or for drivers in general? I 
> ask because I am maintaining linuxprinting.org, which is the principal 
> information source about printer drivers. So if the site intends to list 
> also printers, I think we should somehow cooperate. I think it is a good 
> idea, to have one site to get compatibility and driver info for all 
> types of hardware.
>     Till

The site is intended to be an information portal, so to speak.  The
original request made at the August 9, 2005 Open Source Drivers 
Meeting (held at LWE) is as follows:

   We need a central, public repository for the documents and 
   training materials we are beginning to produce.

The "we" refers to the attendees that represented driver writers
and kernel developers.  This site is not intended to supersede
any existing site.  Rather, it provides a list of links to other
sites and articles to give driver writers as much information as

We plan to include training materials (slides, white papers, etc)
that are centered toward program managers in addition to developers.
We also desire to have information pointing to test suites and
tools that OSDL and others have developed. Where appropriate, OSDL
will contribute material to other sites (to avoid redundancy).

But for now, we are just trying to get this page off the ground and
looking for contributions.

We would like to coordinate information with you.  I've added a link
to linuxprinting.org on our open drivers site.  Now that we have this
link, we would like to be able to contribute printer driver content 
to your site, so it can be maintained easier (without redundancy).

> Craig Thomas wrote:
> > 
> > The site is located here: http://developer.osdl.org/dev/opendrivers
> > 
> > This site will initially focus on drivers for systems used as
> > desktops, data center servers, carrier grade systems, and mobile
> > devices.  These drivers include (but are not limited to) the following:
> > 
> >  - storage
> >  - network
> >  - printer
> >  - video
> >  - sound
> > 
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