[cgl_discussion] Updates to the open drivers site

Craig Thomas craiger at osdl.org
Fri Nov 18 09:09:44 PST 2005

After receiving some good initial feedback about the open drivers page,
we have responded to the input and have updated the page.  There will be
more updates based on the feedback received already and the feedback
we will receive in the future.

It looks like there is a desire to try to create a site of information
that spans beyond just kernel driver information.  Therefore, this site
will grow based on the information contributed to it.  We will separate
the drivers by category (for instance, storage, network, printer, sound,
etc.) and each one will have its own navigation link to the site.  We
hope to implement a wiki very soon so that anyone can log in and 
contribute material to a specific subject.

Changes we have made this week based on feedback:

1. We added an RSS feeder from our site
2. We created a link to the linuxprinting.org page
3. we created a link to the CUPS.org page
4. Added the following content in the documentation section:
    + stable_api_nonsense
    + Linux Device Drivers

We will continue to add content to this page as more ideas come in. 
This site is dependent upon contributions from you to help make it 
useful.  If you have more suggestions, send them to the os_drivers
mail list: os_drivers at lists.osdl.org

This is our plan for the next two weeks:

- based on feedback from John Walicki:
  rearrange the web site and add navigation pointers to separate
  drivers sections for Network, Storage, Printer, and Video.  Possible
  additions will be Sound and USB

- Turn the separate driver sections into Wiki's so it will be easier
  for people to add content.  Talk with Bryce and Steve about how they
  did their wikis.

-  We need to think about how to add Laptop issues to this site
  (comments by Jim and Randy)

I will continue to cross post for the next couple of weeks (probably
through December).  Then we will mainly use the os-drivers mailing list
after that.  If you are not on that discussion list and want to keep
up to date on this effort, please add yourself to the mail list.  To
subscribe: https://lists.osdl.org/mailman/listinfo/os_drivers

Thank you for your feedback.

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