[cgl_discussion] [Announce:] NTT release new projects and new version of existing project

Takashi Ikebe ikebe.takashi at lab.ntt.co.jp
Thu Sep 21 02:03:34 PDT 2006

We released following new projects.

COGNATIO project http://cognatio.sourceforge.net/
COGNATIO is a mechanism that allows to create live process core dump with minimum process
stopping time.
The gcore is a useful tool to make live process core dump, however the target process
needs to stop until the core dump file is completely created.
COGNATIO allows process to stop short time (typically sub-second) to save live core dump
image, and the other context covert image to core file.

TCPCP2 project http://tcpcp2.sourceforge.net/
TCP connection passing (TCPCP) is a mechanism that allows cooperating applications to pass
ownership of TCP connection endpoints from one Linux host to another. TCPCP2 is
enhancement of of TCPCP.
TCPCP2 takes over several TCP sockets at a time,TCP/IPv6 sockets, more socket options, the
TCP packets in the socket send buffer and receive buffer, the flags of TCP header of
packets in the socket buffer.

We also updated following projects.

PANNUS project version 3  http://pannus.sourceforge.net/
PANNUS is a mechanism that allows fix/overwrite process's on-memory instruction to fix bug
without restart process.
This new version supports following functions.
- Kernel live patching which can fix/overwrite on-memory kernel's instruction without
restarting kernel.
- C++ process live patching which can fix/overwrite on-memory C++ process's instruction
without restarting process.
- Live patching to shared library.
- Binary creation of patched process which can avoid start process without patch in the
case of restart.

RESUMO project version 3  http://resumo.sourceforge.net/
RESUMO is a mechanism that allows boot from health system/kernel image with combination of
GRUB boot loader. RESUMO also provides system backup/restore functionalities.
This new version improve back-up/restore functionalities.

Takashi Ikebe
NTT Network Service Systems Laboratories
e-mail : ikebe.takashi "at" lab.ntt.co.jp

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