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Wed Apr 18 17:25:22 PDT 2007

> * Is there a ChangeLog?  How do you intend to do revision management
>   -- CVS?  (I see a short comment in the README, but we probably need
>   more.)

Looking at the beginning of file tipc-0.92/TIPC_SWI/incl/tipc.h looks
like CVS changelog for the file is there. I take the actual changelog
was "lost" when TIPC became Open Source; a loss, but understandable.

> * This could be made to run over UDP/IPv6 as well as UDP/IPv4 (in
>   ./TipcLinuxModAdaptation_SCC/src/udp_adaptation.c).

Not the first priority issue, surely?
> * Possibly, a port to 2.5, if it doesn't run there yet?

Now this is definitely first priority issue.


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