[cgl_discussion] A concept/framework not a distribution ?

Peter R. Badovinatz tabmowzo at us.ibm.com
Mon Mar 19 17:27:18 PDT 2007

Your conclusion about CGL is that our specification is indeed a 
collection of functional requirements.  A distributor needs to provide 
functional capabilities that satisfy those requirements to have a 
"Carrier Grade Linux" distribution.

Included among the requirements are security requirements that describe 
the functional capabilities needed to provide a secure CGL distribution. 
    But, as these are a collection of functional requirements they do 
not alone guarantee a secure system.  It is still necessary to ensure 
that these capabilities are supported in the system, are configured, and 
are able to be activated at run-time.

The CGL specification attempts to address a variety of system 
deployments and not all actual deployments will need all requirements. 
It's still necessary to determine the specific security needs for your 
deployment to ensure that the proper capabilities can be provided and 
activated in your environment.

There is much more information on the Carrier Grade Linux specifications 
and related information from:
With the merger of the OSDL and FSG the web site is in a bit of flux but 
you should be able to find the information.

hwoehle at arcor.de wrote:
> Hello,
> Let me first introduce myself:
> I am Manager for Information Security and Data Protection/Privacy at a Telco
> in Germany.
> An outfitter of some of our new VoIP Equipment answered to my question about
> system-Security and hardening,
> that i must not be worried about it why they are using Carrier-Grade-Linux
> and it is high-secure by design.
> I search along the internet and googled a little about CGL and came to the
> conclusion,
> that CGL is not a distribution but a framework or better a sum of
> requirements a distribution have to meet to be a Carrier-Grade-Linux.
> And so the security part have to be done from the "distribution"
> Can some untangle that for me ?
> With kind regards
> Holger
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