[Chaoss-members] Creation of a new project on Diversity and Inclusion Metrics/Software

Daniel Izquierdo dizquierdo at bitergia.com
Fri Nov 10 17:16:12 UTC 2017

Dear board members,

This email is to state the interest of adding a new project under the 
umbrella of the CHAOSS community.

The following is a list of items I'd like to detail and rationale to 
become part of the project.

1. Goal of the project

Centralize discussions around the topic of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I).

And specifically when talking about metrics and software that can help 
to analyze the current state of D&I in the OSS Foundations/Projects.

2. Existing work

One of the reasons for asking for this project is the ongoing work for 
the OpenStack Foundation in collaboration with Intel and Bitergia.

The outcome of this project is the OpenStack Gender report [1] released 
each six months and whose new release will be delivered in the following 

So far there are some places where all of this work is taking place:

* Private email between the authors of the project, some members of some 
of the communities analyzed and general feedback. Part of these 
discussions are definitively of interest for a broader audience.

* Source code partially based on the GrimioreLab project, but available 
in my personal GitHub account [2][3]

3. Existing interest

 From the last CHAOSS meeting and focused on the D&I track, there is 
interest from people out of the current CHAOSS community.

The authors of the OpenStack gender report have agreed about having (or 
at least trying) this project under the CHAOSS umbrella.

The proposed topic is of interest for The Linux Foundation (as we can 
see in the creation of the Diversity Empowerment Summit in LA and Prague 
this year). And this is of interest for some other foundations such as 
the OpenStack with specific discussions and similar topics in the Summits.

4. Proposed work within the CHAOSS community

This project aims at building D&I discussions and ways to measure the 
'health' of the communities with this respect.

For this, it is clear that there are a list of metrics that we have 
already used and have been 'validated' as a first approach to the topic. 
In addition to this, there are some pieces of code that are helping with 
this analysis from a quantitative point of view.

In the case of the metrics committee, it is expected to see 
bidirectional work between this project and the metrics committee as 
this project will bring new metrics and discussions. And on the other 
hand, the metrics committee will help to improve those definitions and 
have agnostic-tech discussions.

In the case of the software committee, the software already produced is 
expected to be helpful as this is partially integrated with GrimoireLab. 
And for sure, they will help a lot to focus the development process and 
give some guidelines about this. One of the goals of this piece of 
software would be to be useful for third parties willing to carry on 
similar analysis.

5. CHAOSS Infrastructure

GitHub repository: for this project, we need a repository in GitHub with 
some name. A proposal would be: diversity_inclusion (suggestions would 
be really appreciated :)  ).
This repository would include wiki, issues and prs.

As communication channel we could use the existing mailing lists for 
software and metrics with the label [D&I]. With this respect I see some 
potential noisy discussions, but we may have a new mailing list if 
needed in the future.
For instance, some interesting links for potential discussions around 
code of conducts, that could be part of this project, but for sure not 
interesting for the metrics or software committee...

We may use in addition the chaoss-community channel at IRC for meetings 
or other discussions around this topic.

6. What this project is not about

The OpenStack gender report shouldn't be an outcome of this project, but 
an instance of this project.

A compendium of URLs about D&I. This could help for the goal of this 
project, but this it not the goal.

Please, let me know if you need extra information about this,



[2] Source code to analyze OpenStack - 

[3] Ceres project: this project uses Perceval (from the GrimoireLab 
toolchain) to extract the information - https://github.com/dicortazar/ceres


Daniel Izquierdo Cortazar, PhD
Chief Data Officer
"Software Analytics for your peace of mind"

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