[Chaoss-members] Creation of a new project on Diversity and Inclusion Metrics/Software

D M German dmg at turingmachine.org
Fri Nov 10 19:54:46 UTC 2017

hi everybody,

 Daniel Izquierdo twisted the bytes to say:

 Daniel> Thanks for your comments!
 Daniel> In the short term, the goal is to keep measuring gender-diversity, as this is what we have so far.

the more i think about it, the more I think that gender is just like any
other categorical attribute of the contributor. From the point of view
of metrics definition and implementation it is not different than, for
example, geographical location.

Metrics that capture gender are simply metrics that aggregate by the
gender attribute, and are no different than the metrics that aggregate
for any other categorical attribute of the user.

I think one of the major challenges that OpenStack is facing is how to
identify the gender of the developer.

So perhaps this is an importnat distinction to make:

are we talking about a project that identifies the gender of a
developer (this is a hard and interesting problem).


are we talking about simply adding to the attributes of the user a field
called gender that can be used for aggregation purposes? In that case
hte metric has nothing special about it (this is trivial).

 Daniel> In the medium term, the goal is to understand how under
 Daniel> represented communities evolve over time, bring metrics of
 Daniel> interest and help OSS projects with this respect.

In my opinon, this should not be the goal of CHAOSS. CHAOSS should not
be concerned on how the metrics are used (to understand). CHAOSS should
be about measuring only. CHAOSS should not be about making policy.

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