[Chaoss-members] two papers I mentioned yesterday: on Google Summer of Code and on Fairness

dmg dmg at turingmachine.org
Wed Apr 11 07:26:13 UTC 2018

hi Everybody,

There are two papers I mentioned yesterday that might be of interest.

One of them is on google summer of code. The paper uses quantitative data
to try to understand how the GSoC students participate:

How Long and How Much: What to Expect from Summer of Code
Participants? ICSME 2017: 69-79 Jefferson De Oliveira Silva, Igor
Scaliante Wiese, Daniel M. Germán, Igor Fabio Steinmacher, Marco
Aurélio Gerosa: International Conference in Software Maintenance and
Evolution (ICSME 2017),

The second is a paper we got accepted at ICSE this year. It might
trigger some interest on how to use metrics to try to measure how fair
a system is.

Was my contribution fairly reviewed?” A framework to study perception
of fairness in Modern Code Reviews
Daniel M. German, Gregorio Robles, Germán Poo-Caamaño, Xin Yang,
Hajimu Iida, Katsuro Inoue.
International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE’2018).

Bob papers can be downloaded here:


There is a third paper on GSoC that we are trying to finish. This one
uses a qualitative approach (surveys and some interviews). I'll notify
you when we have it ready.


Daniel M. German

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