[Chaoss-members] Mailing list migration & future GB meeting(s)

Raymond Paik rpaik at linuxfoundation.org
Tue Jun 12 04:18:54 UTC 2018


Just wanted to give you a quick heads-up that CHAOSS mailing lists
(including this one for the Governing Board) will be migrating from
Mailman2 to groups.io by the end of June.  This is a part of LF-wide
migration to groups.io and 27 projects in the LF have already migrated to

For most users, the migration to groups.io will be mostly transparent.
Email addresses (e.g. chaoss-members at lists.linuxfoundation.org) will remain
the same and all historical archives will be migrated over (along with all
subscribers with their preferences and list owners/moderators)

The main people that may see differences will be list administrators.
Based on my experience using groups.io on another LF project, I definitely
see a nicer user interface when managing the list.  Please let me know if
you have any concerns/questions regarding the mailing list migration by
Noon Pacific Time this Friday (15th).

Secondly, we're looking into room availability for a face-to-face GB
meeting during Open Source Summit-N. America (Aug. 29-31) as it looks like
several GB members will be at the event.  Prior to August however, I wanted
poll everyone if you'd be available for a GB meeting via phone in July.
Since the first week of July is a short week in the US, I'd to gauge your
availability during the week of July 9th or 16th.


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