[Chaoss-members] Growth Maturity and Decline Working Group Update

Sean Goggins s at goggins.com
Thu Jun 14 16:28:23 UTC 2018

Hi All:

During our Growth Maturity and Decline Metrics working group today we discussed two specific metrics: 

1. New Contributors and  https://github.com/chaoss/wg-gmd/pull/13 <https://github.com/chaoss/wg-gmd/pull/13> 
2. Issue Resolution Efficiency https://github.com/chaoss/wg-gmd/pull/12 <https://github.com/chaoss/wg-gmd/pull/12> 

These two metrics share the characteristic that their expression is likely to be parameterized in different ways. You can follow the examples and discussion on the associated pull requests, noted above. 

We encourage participation from community managers during our next call, at 11am CDT on June 28th. https://unomaha.zoom.us/j/720431288 <https://unomaha.zoom.us/j/720431288> 

Whether or not you are able to make the next call, please review and comment if you are interested on the two pull requests from Jesus, noted above and here:

https://github.com/chaoss/wg-gmd/pulls <https://github.com/chaoss/wg-gmd/pulls>


Jesus & Sean 
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