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Hi Matt and CHAOSS Board Members,

My goal is to advance the conversation and implement what we decide for the following topics and ideas:
1) CHAOSS metrics release cadence and dissemination
2) Certifying software to be CHAOSS metrics compliant
3) How to share use cases and success stories of metrics in practice
4) Strategy for CHAOSScon

Here are my thoughts on each topic:

== 1) CHAOSS metrics release cadence and dissemination ==
I am very happy with the two releases we produced. Releasing metrics is a lot of administrative overhead. CHAOSScon NA and EU are too close together now. Sean G. proposed moving to a rolling release. Another proposal could be to release yearly. A tangental topic is how we can improve the dissemination of metrics and make them more accessible.

== 2) Certifying software to be CHAOSS metrics compliant ==
We started discussing this but didn’t have a metric release before. CHAOSS is becoming a well-respected and well-known brand in the open source ecosystem. It would be great to have a program for software implementations to be able to claim compliance with our metric definitions. This standardization could ensure that people trust in our metrics and give software implementations a “badge of honor”. This should be open to projects outside of CHAOSS, such as Apache Kibble.

== 3) How to share use cases and success stories of metrics in practice ==
Metrics and their application are highly context-sensitive. We cannot capture that richness in metric definitions. I currently like a two-part strategy to collect and share stories of metrics in practice. 1) A 3-question survey (email-interview) to be sent to select folks. The answers can be published as short blog posts. 2) A podcast of in-depth conversations with a panel of CHAOSS members and guests who share their stories. Interesting cases could be identified from prepared with the surveys. Both formats are for different audiences but have great synergy effects.

== 4) Strategy for CHAOSScon == 
Demand for tickets to CHAOSScon exceeded our capacity last week. Do we want to grow the event or keep at the size we have now? We have experimented with different formats from mostly-workshops to all-talks; 1-track vs. 2-tracks. I think it is time that we deliberately define a format for CHAOSScon and strive towards a reliable experience.


> On Feb 2, 2020, at 9:30 AM, Matt Germonprez <germonprez at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi CHAOSS Board Members, 
> As a small primer for the board meeting in March, it would be great if you could give me a 1 or 2 goals you are hoping the CHAOSS project can achieve in 2020. You can send them directly to me or to the list. I'd love to get your input. 
> Thanks,
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