[Chaoss-Board] CHAOSScast sponsorship update: Linode renewed, adding mid-roll spots

Georg Link linkgeorg at gmail.com
Fri May 22 15:44:46 UTC 2020

Hi CHAOSS board members and CHAOSScast panelists,

A quick reminder that we partner for CHAOSSCast with the CodeFund Podcast
Network (CPN). CPN has sponsorship agreements which pay for the
administrative overhead and they share revenue with us.

We documented how the CHAOSS community will use revenue from CHAOSScast in
our Community Handbook:

This email is to give you a quick update about sponsorship for CHAOSScast.

Linode renewed its sponsorship agreement with CodeFund Podcast Network
(CPN) for 6 more months until the end of this year. This is for the sponsor
message at the beginning and end of the podcast. We receive a portion of
this sponsorship revenue.

CPN also informed us that they are currently not breaking even and will be
looking into selling mid-roll spots to cover their costs and be
sustainable. No revenue sharing for the mid-roll revenue. CPN is in
conversations with different vendors (e.g., Datadog, Cloudbees) for this
but no agreement has been reached yet.

I will keep you updated in the interest of transparency about our Community


PS: We will be releasing weekly episodes starting next Friday.

Georg Link, PhD
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