[Chaoss-Board] How to continue CHAOSScast? [Fwd: Rebase is shutting down on Sept 18]

Huesman, Nicole K nicole.k.huesman at intel.com
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Hi all,

First, I’ve really enjoyed the podcasts—it’s a great way to increase visibility of the CHAOSS Project’s work, and to connect with folks across the community.

Second, I appreciate the issue, along with many of the suggestions that Georg and Samantha put forth. A few thoughts: If I understand the objectives of the podcast series as laid out above, in my experience, a bi-weekly cadence is sufficient to achieve these objectives. Thumbs up on using a free platform, as Samantha suggests, as well as aggressively pursuing sponsorships as Matt suggests (seems very do-able given the reasonable cost). Ad banners may also work, although I think we’ll need to establish consistent criteria that aligns with the CHAOSS Project’s mission and spirit, if we pursue this.

My 2 cents. 😊

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Honestly this is not my strength so I'm not sure what advice I can realistically offer.

That said, here are a few options I brainstormed but didn't spend too much time on. truth be told there are big problems with them all:

  1.  Offering advanced advertising options in or around show notes like banners and graphics as optional choices for guests to plug something
  2.  Offering the ad spot for unsponsored podcasts to the guests to plug something related to but not about the content being discussed
  3.  Switching the podcasts to visual podcasts and launching them on youtube for ad revenue
  4.  Splintering content from the podcasts to other media and selling them as products

     *   An example is like the OS community analytics handbook composed of all the podcast's great ideas.

  1.  Using youtube's auto-scripting features to produce the show notes to save on money.
  2.  record the show using google hangouts instead of zoom (not sure if zoom is costing but a free platform might help?).

to be honest, I don't tink I'm being helpful, but on the off chance I am, this is what I got XD

Samantha Venia Logan
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On Tue, Sep 8, 2020 at 2:15 PM Matt Germonprez <germonprez at gmail.com<mailto:germonprez at gmail.com>> wrote:
Hi Georg,

Thanks for the follow-up on this.

Yes, I think that we need to slow the cadence. The problem, even with what you propose, is that our current Community Bridge account would only fund this for two months. I'm hoping to address this but for now, this is where things are at. I would say, perhaps, one month under this model (funds to be approved by the finance team) and during that time, we pretty aggressively look for financial sponsorship for CHAOSScast.


On Tue, Sep 8, 2020 at 2:59 PM Georg Link <linkgeorg at gmail.com<mailto:linkgeorg at gmail.com>> wrote:
Hi everyone,

Any thoughts on how to continue CHAOSScast without Rebase.fm's services?

I propose we do the following:
1. Continue to use Firebase for hosting podcast ($19/month)
2. Pay for audio editing ($99/episode).
3. Pay for detailed show notes ($60/episode).
4. Reduce release frequency to every other week to cut cost.
5. Approach sponsors to secure funding for CHAOSScast.

This will cost us $349/month for 2 episodes per month.

I can lay out the expenses and request a refund through Community Bridge.


On Tue, Sep 1, 2020 at 4:24 PM Georg Link <linkgeorg at gmail.com<mailto:linkgeorg at gmail.com>> wrote:
Hi everyone,

I just got below message that Rebase will shut down and stop supporting CHAOSScast in two weeks.
The good news is that we own CHAOSScast and will not lose anything.
The bad news is that we need to find a new way to sustain the podcast.

I’m informing you about this development so that we can find a solution together.
Your thoughts are welcome.

Rebase provided the following key services:
1. Zoom room for recording
2. Audio editing
3. Show notes creation
4. Fireside account
5. Add revenue sharing

I don’t know how we want to move forward yet but want to start the conversation with you all.
Thinking about the services and what alternative options we have:

1) Zoom room for recording
* Option 1: I hope we can cover this with the CHAOSS Zoom that we are getting.
* Option 2: We use a different tool like Jitsi meet.
* Other options?

2) Audio editing
* Option 1: Hire Paul, who has done an amazing job so far: $99 per episode.
* Option 2: Hire someone else.
* Option 3: We find a volunteer in our community who does it for free and for the love of the project.
* Other options?

3) Show notes creation
* Option 1: Hire DeAnn for $60 per episode
* Option 2: Hire someone else
* Option 3: We find a volunteer in our community who does it for free and for the love of the project.
* Option 4: Not have show notes
* Other options?

4) Fireside account
* Option 1: We take over the fireside account for $19/month
* Option 2: We find a different way of hosting, e.g., WordPress plugin
* Other options?

5) Add revenue sharing
The add revenue was a key reason to work with CPN and Rebase because it financed the audio editing, show notes, and hosting while also giving us some money to use for thank you notes and possibly equipment.
* Option 1: We find our own sponsors to pay for audio editing, show notes, and hosting.
* Option 2: We do everything supported by volunteers only.
* Other options?

How much money do we have for CHAOSScast?
$181.95 = we have $479.95 in the OpenCollective but spent $298 for thank you cards in CommunityBridge.

How much money would we need to raise to financially support the podcast?
+ Audio editing: $99/episode
+ Show notes: $60/episode
+ Hosting: $19/month
+ Thank you notes: $6/episode (already paid for, except postage)
= $679/month for 4 episodes per month
= $349/month for 2 episodes per month


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Hello my friends!

I wanted to let you know that as of Sept 18, Rebase will no longer be able to financially or otherwise support your podcasts.

As I mentioned to you all in the beginning, these podcasts are yours respectively. If you would like to keep it running, please do so! Your show is a part of Rebase because it provides value to the community, and would continue to do so outside of Rebase.

So where do we go from here?

Right now, most shows are being hosted on Fireside.fm<http://fireside.fm/>. If you want to keep using Fireside, we will transfer the shows to your personal accounts. If we registered a domain for your show, you can have it. Just let me know and I’ll transfer it to you.

As for editing, Paul and DeAnn have graciously extended a REALLY good deal on editing shows. Each show will cost $99 for editing. This price is only if the raw recording is less than 1 hour. If the show goes over 1 hour, it’s an additional $50 per hour. Show notes will cost $60 per episode. Paul and DeAnn spend between 4-5 hours to do both the editing and show notes. If you would prefer to handle the editing on your own, please do so. Some of your shows have funds in Open Collective. Please feel free to use those funds to pay for editing. Paul can be reached at paul at peachtreesound.com<mailto:paul at peachtreesound.com>.

On Sept 18, we will disable the following services:

- Zoom
- Fireside.fm<http://fireside.fm/>
- Calendly
- Dropbox

If you are interested in keeping your show beyond Sept 18, please make sure you have everything set up prior.

Thank you again for riding this roller coaster with us! I will be available in the Rebase Discord server to discuss if you need me.



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