[Chaoss-Board] keynote by Jose Manrique next week

Andrea Gallo andrea.gallo at linaro.org
Thu Sep 17 20:29:06 UTC 2020


I am pleased to let you know that Jose Manrique will give a keynote at our
next Linaro Connect open source engineering (virtual) conference.

Free registration is available, please join us.



LVC20-300K Let’s Butcher Software Development Analytics together: So you
don’t have to when it really counts <https://lvc20.sched.com/#>
Lord Kelvin said "if you can't measure it, you cannot improve it". That may
only be partially true. Instead, I reckon we must understand measurements
and their context to comprehend what is going. In the context of software
development, this would mean that we must measure the who, what, when, and
how related to software development processes, but also know the context
around this data to be able to answer the questions that allow managers to
drive projects to their goals. I call it the “measurements in context”

This talk demonstrates this principle with humor by looking at Linaro’s
projects. Let’s explore together what the software development analytics
data shows us about Linaro’s open source projects. Then, let’s guess at
what this could be telling us if we had no idea about Linaro. Finally,
let’s apply the “measurements in context” principle to get sensible

This fun talk does not intend to answer real questions about Linaro,
however, it does show in an approachable and memorable way how to do
analytics on open source software. We will stumble in this presentation
together over common problems only so you don’t have to do it when it
really matters. Lessons learned from the CHAOSS project will also provide a
solid foundation from which you can build your own analysis.

During this talk, I will present an approach to drive your software
development using data from both strategical and tactical points of view.
Everything will rely on existing free, open source tools and knowledge from
communities like CHAOSS (Community Health Analytics for Open Source
Software) and InnerSource Commons.
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