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Fri Sep 18 12:42:14 UTC 2020

Thanks everyone,

Blog post is submitted for publication: https://github.com/chaoss/website/pull/431 <https://github.com/chaoss/website/pull/431>

My thoughts on other sponsorship ideas:
* If we want to pursue sending individual emails to people, I’d like to form a committee, like we discussed on the weekly call.
* I like Andrea’s idea of tracking who we reached out to, especially if we have multiple people doing outreach. 
* I have mixed feelings about Venia’s idea of sending a friendly email to past guests and panelists because they have already given a lot to this podcast and sponsorship opportunities make only sense for upcoming episodes. However, I think this can be done gracefully and could be okay.
* I like Matt’s idea of reaching out to new people, who are not part of CHAOSS. I asked Paul, our editor, for some ideas.
* We have limited options for “ad banners” because of the platform we use and show notes are poorly formatted in most podcast apps.
* With our limited viewership, moving to YouTube for funding may have a negative ROI.
* I like the Patreon platform but I don’t like adding yet another platform. We already have CommunityBridge for all of CHAOSS <https://funding.communitybridge.org/projects/a4a43b66-f707-47b4-97cc-484285c274a8> and we have the OpenCollective account that CPN created for us <https://opencollective.com/chaosscast>. I’d prefer to stay within these two platforms for now and updated the OpenCollecting contribution levels to match our blog post.


Georg Link

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