[Chaoss-Board] How to continue CHAOSScast? [Fwd: Rebase is shutting down on Sept 18]

Samantha Venia Logan samantha at sociallyconstructed.online
Tue Sep 22 21:33:59 UTC 2020

So, I'm wondering if we can return to ground here,

What funding options are we most liking here? Have we thought of or decided
on any specific ways to keep the podcast running? I just want to make sure
I'm on the right page.

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On Fri, Sep 18, 2020 at 6:42 AM Georg Link <linkgeorg at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks everyone,
> Blog post is submitted for publication:
> https://github.com/chaoss/website/pull/431
> *My thoughts on other sponsorship ideas:*
> * If we want to pursue sending individual emails to people, I’d like to
> form a committee, like we discussed on the weekly call.
> * I like Andrea’s idea of tracking who we reached out to, especially if we
> have multiple people doing outreach.
> * I have mixed feelings about Venia’s idea of sending a friendly email to
> past guests and panelists because they have already given a lot to this
> podcast and sponsorship opportunities make only sense for upcoming
> episodes. However, I think this can be done gracefully and could be okay.
> * I like Matt’s idea of reaching out to new people, who are not part of
> CHAOSS. I asked Paul, our editor, for some ideas.
> * We have limited options for “ad banners” because of the platform we use
> and show notes are poorly formatted in most podcast apps.
> * With our limited viewership, moving to YouTube for funding may have a
> negative ROI.
> * I like the Patreon platform but I don’t like adding yet another
> platform. We already have CommunityBridge for all of CHAOSS
> <https://funding.communitybridge.org/projects/a4a43b66-f707-47b4-97cc-484285c274a8> and
> we have the OpenCollective account that CPN created for us
> <https://opencollective.com/chaosscast>. I’d prefer to stay within these
> two platforms for now and updated the OpenCollecting contribution levels to
> match our blog post.
> Best,
> Georg
> --
> Georg Link
> (he/him)
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