[Chaoss-software] Face-to-face hacking session

Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona jgb at bitergia.com
Tue Jan 16 22:33:21 UTC 2018

On Fri, 2018-01-05 at 15:45 -0800, Raymond Paik wrote:
> All, 
> Happy New Year!
> I think we had a few conversation regarding face-to-face hackfest for
> the CHAOSS community over the past several months and wanted to bring
> the discussion to the mailing list....

Hi, Ray! Sorry for the delay, I'm still reading some email from the
early new year ;-)

> One of the challenges of course is finding a date/location that works
> for most people and I'd think the event should be 1 1/2 - 2 days long
> to make it worthwhile for people to travel.  
> Could people suggest some events/conferences where it would make
> sense to organize the hackfest event around?  As for the venue, if
> anyone has a conference room with good wifi (for 10-15 people) that
> you can provide to community members, that'd obviously help with
> costs :-)  If there is a free venue, we could even organize this
> outside of any meeting/conference.

FOSDEM could have been a good choice, but it is too late. At least we
in Bitergia are already scheduled, and the combination of FOSDEM plus
CHAOSSCon don't allow for more time.

Another opportunity could be around ICSE. It is the major software
engineering conference, this year in Gothenburg (Sweden).


At least for Bitergia, that's not too far away, so moving there for a
couple of days could be doable. Maybe some of us who are in Academia
are coming to ICSE anyway, so maybe that would be a good venue for us
too, including those in US/Canada. And maybe we can get a room from
some of the Universities there.

Very likely we will have a CHAOSCon US around OSS Summit NA, too, in
Vancover (Canada)


A bit more difficult for us in Europe, but at least some of us are
planning to come to it, so that could be another option.

What do others think?


> Let me know....
> Thanks, 
> Ray
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