[CHAOSS] Opening discussion on using Discourse Forum for CHAOSS

Georg Link glink at unomaha.edu
Sun Nov 11 16:52:37 UTC 2018

Hi CHAOSS community,

I invite you to discuss whether we should start using Discourse and, if so,
how we want to go about it.

Background: The CHAOSS project is evolving and over the last 1.5 years, we
created new mailing lists and abandoned others. We also use GitHub
repositories and weekly calls on different days to separate out
conversations. From the beginning, we discussed using a flexible forum
software, like Discourse, to satisfy our evolving communication needs. In
the past, we opted for simplicity but are now hitting the limits.

Discourse agreed to sponsor free hosting for us:

On this week's call, a question was asked about email-compatability of
Discourse: Everyone can watch topics on discourse and receive email
notifications. Responses can be sent via email.

One concern with using Discourse is that we divide the community across
more communication channels. The question is, what is the overall
communication strategy within our community? What role does each
communication channel (mailing list, IRC, GitHub, Discourse, weekly calls)

I open the discussion with my opinion:
Discourse allows us to create new categories (like email lists), use tags,
and have an organically evolving structure while maintaining all benefits
of mailing lists. I think we can transition from email lists to Discourse.


Georg J.P. Link
PhD Candidate
College of Information Science and Technology | PKI 367
University of Nebraska at Omaha | www.unomaha.edu
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