[CHAOSS] Opening discussion on using Discourse Forum for CHAOSS

Jocelyn Matthews jocelyn at storj.io
Sun Nov 11 22:29:41 UTC 2018

interesting topic.I am looking into Discourse myself, for a community I
run. Currently its on RocketChat, but I have found it very challenging to
get solid information on how the two compare, due to RC's comparatively
sparse documentiation

On Sun, Nov 11, 2018 at 8:53 AM Georg Link <glink at unomaha.edu> wrote:

> Hi CHAOSS community,
> I invite you to discuss whether we should start using Discourse and, if
> so, how we want to go about it.
> Background: The CHAOSS project is evolving and over the last 1.5 years, we
> created new mailing lists and abandoned others. We also use GitHub
> repositories and weekly calls on different days to separate out
> conversations. From the beginning, we discussed using a flexible forum
> software, like Discourse, to satisfy our evolving communication needs. In
> the past, we opted for simplicity but are now hitting the limits.
> Discourse agreed to sponsor free hosting for us:
> https://discourse.chaoss.community/
> On this week's call, a question was asked about email-compatability of
> Discourse: Everyone can watch topics on discourse and receive email
> notifications. Responses can be sent via email.
> One concern with using Discourse is that we divide the community across
> more communication channels. The question is, what is the overall
> communication strategy within our community? What role does each
> communication channel (mailing list, IRC, GitHub, Discourse, weekly calls)
> have?
> I open the discussion with my opinion:
> Discourse allows us to create new categories (like email lists), use tags,
> and have an organically evolving structure while maintaining all benefits
> of mailing lists. I think we can transition from email lists to Discourse.
> Best,
> Georg
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