[CHAOSS] How decisions are made (was: Opening discussion on using Discourse Forum for CHAOSS)

Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona jgb at bitergia.com
Mon Nov 19 23:18:45 UTC 2018

Hi all,

[See proposals for action at the end, after some verbose comments]

Maybe it is time to have a look at how we make decisions in CHAOSS. I
think that up to now, consensus has been the rule. Procedure has been
based on extensive discussion in the mailing list, and in weekly
conference calls, whenever possible with all the people with an opinion
on the matter. When a certain consensus has been perceived, either on
the list or in the calls, it has been considered as a decision.

I don't think this has always being the case, but I would say that
usually people argue in favor or against, and propose different
decisions, in the mailing list, and then during the calls, consensus
areas are explored until a decision is perceived to have consensus. But
other people who has participated in these processes may say too if
this matches their experience.

I think this works mostly this way both at the "all CHAOSS" level, and
at the working group level, but I really can only speak for the GMD wg,
since I have not participated in the D&I wg. 

Up to now, my feeling is this worked well. But maybe it is not scaling
up as we have more people involved in general, people active in working
groups, the set of people attending all calls, and participating in all
mailing lists, is getting shorter and shorter (as a fraction of the
total people involved in CHAOSS as a whole).

We also have a more formal mechanism: discussion and voting in the
CHAOSS board, according to our charter,


So, I propose two actions:

* First, comment on your feelings about the decision making process, in
this specific case and in general. If many of us think that we need to
decide more formally on a process, we can work on having one. If not,
we can stick to the current way.

* Second, if somebody feels that in this specific case we don't have a
consensus, we can either talk it more broadly, or raising it to the
CHAOSS Board. We have a meeting in a week, so this would be timely.

What do you think?


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